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 Company Introduction

        HaiYan ReDao New Energy Co.,Ltd. (Old name: HaiYan Alinsidun Solar Energy Factory) was founded in 2000 and specializes in the production of solar water heaters.We are located in HaiYan JiaXing,it is closed to No.01 provincial highway,and 80km away from Shanghai Port, and 150km from Ningbo Port, good for export.
       We supply good price and high quality solar water heaters, solar collectors, solar vacuum tube, solar water tank, solar bracket, solar panel, Water purifier, Electric Heater Tap, integrated stove, wood-plastics, specification of PVC panel, solar hot water project and other related accessory and fittings. We has been in international solar business for many years, exporting to Europe, Canada, USA, Middle east , Mexico, Algeria, New zealand, Iran, Africa and so on .
       Our company has CE,ISO9001-2008 certificates. We are honest to be your best supplier.


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