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Non-pressurized solar water heater
Viewed: 1915


Technical Characteristics

Inner tank: Stainless steel SUS 304  (0.4-0.6)mm
Vacuum tube: 47/1500    58/1800
Outer tank: colorled armor plate 0.4mm
Bracket:  Aluminum alloy 2.0mm
The material of insulation-Polyurethane
Tank diameter: 310mm/410mm   360mm/460mm
Thickness of insulation: 55-60mm
Collector Angle: 45° 38°27°

This type uses the all-glass evacuated solar collector tubes as the heat-absorbing element. The high vacuum degree of the clearance between the outer and inner tube reduces the heat emission which is caused by convection and conduction. The layer films(coating) of the all-glass evacuated tubes transfer the sun energy into heat energy. The high absorption and low emittance rate of film is unique.
Using thermosiphon system-Depending on the different density between hot water and cold water, a water flowing cycle is created in the tubes. Hot water flows automatically upwards while the cold water flows down.
The water in the storage tank will be heated from this natural circulation.

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