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10 Product Features
1.Waterproof, moistureproof, Weathering --do not corrode and are highly resistant to rot, decay, and Marine Borer attack, and compliance with China Stand for color fastness.
2.Pest control, termite - effective way to eliminate insects harassment.
3. Color personalization - you can have a sense of natural wood and wood texture, can be customized according to needs of different colors and textures.
4.  plasticity be flexible --The ability of the material to be molded to meet almost any desired shape, according to different design.
5.  High environmental protection-No pullution, does not contain benzol. Formaldehyde is 0.1, less than E0-class standard.
6. High fire resistance - effective flame retardant B1 level, fire extinguishing, does not produce toxic gases.
7.  High processing performance - nails, planing, sawing, surface painting.
8. Simple installation - is complicated profiles finished don’t need construction process, saving time and cost of materials and installation. cracks, no distortion - no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, saving installation time and costs.
10.  Acoustic intensity - absorb external noise, heat resistance, which can effectively save energy.

Design points : ecological wood raw material is new high-tech materials with the use of patented technology and use of a large number of processed wood powder through high-tech as well as a small amount of high molecular polymer material. It effectively removes the natural defects of natural wood such as cracking, stain , warping , mold rot , etc., in addition to natural wood texture and grain , the ecological wood in performance corrosion, fire , water and other characteristics .

Other Remarks: ecological wood raw materials for industrial use widely, it meets the human needs of a variety of wood products. Yalaite single-step process without the use of paper or laminated, a molding, the scrap rate is close to zero, together with the need to hit the sand painting and greatly reduces the production costs. Throughout Ylaite production process is without industrial waste gas, waste water and generation, low noise, consistent with national environmental protection requirements of the industrial production. Yalaite products manufacturing enterprises to fully meet the production needs of large-scale industrialization. Currently, Yalaite’s production covers different types with different wood colors to meet the requirements of different industrial product specifications and performance requirements.

Ecological wood decoration series products are of high environmental protection, waterproof moisture resistance, ease of construction make the product more suitable for application to the interior ceilings, walls of profiled shape decoration. Wood and metal materials in the environment can not be applied, simple lines, natural color, has been widely applied to the local indoor and outdoor walls, ceilings, bathroom. Products can be simple to achieve profiled shapes, wood products and metal products is difficult to achieve. Acoustic decorative panels is to fill the domestic blank Acoustic decorative panels, a new generation of architectural acoustics decoration materials.

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