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One-Single water heater series-parallel connection+ water level control box
     The cold water enter into solar water heater through the water level control box, and is heated by the heat energy transformed from luminous energy by the absorption heat film in solar vacuum tube. Users can see the temperature of water by the temperature sensor and displayer seted in the water tank. When the temperature of water reaches the proper temperature of taking bath, you can turn on water switches to use the hot water. In rainy days, the water heater can be heated by electric heating tube.


   This kind of project solar is collector is vacuum tube collector. It is widely used on
commercial project for a hotel, school or swiming pool.
1.Inner tank:stainless steel SUS304 food grade;0.4mm thickness.
2.Outer tank:stainless steel SUS304 food grade;0.4mm thickness.
3.Insulation:Polyurethane foam layer.
4.Tube:47*1500mm,or 58*1800mm.

Here use the 3 way valve, upfulll tank water. Close the cold  water valve, The solar collector will work. One day after all  water hot, when you use the hot water also still from this  outlet. Sothat no cold water coming mix. When you use
finished 500L: hot awetr, do not forgot open the cold water valve, up the cold water to tank till full. Every day should open and close. In China all like that way. 

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